My personal programming cheatsheets

This blog is intended to be a self reference manual,
where I put cheatsheets, cookbooks and stories on how I approached some problems in programming.

About me

Hi, I’m Ana Bujan and this is my personal blog, self reference manual, portfolio and cv. I hope you find it useful as I do!

I’m a full-stack software developer and business owner of Eisberg Labs.

You can see some of my work experience at, or check out my superpowers at

Github Activity

I’m active on opensource projects on my personal github account and eisberg-labs organization.

Skills Chart

Some of my skills shown in a pretty graph.

Work Experience

My work experience. Since 2017. I started working remotely as a full-stack freelancer.

My Projects

Visit the portfolio for more info, I also contribute to opensource under and my org My libraries are popular on npmjs and

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