Welcome to my Software Development Portfolio.

There’s a wide range of programming languages and frameworks that I use. I can prove it!

Furthermore, I like to contribute to open-source. You can checkout my personal GitHub account or my organizaton github account. There’s a lot of repositories there sourced in different programming languages and technologies. As an avid supporter and participant in the open-source community, my work extends across various platforms. M notable contributions are published to crates.io and npmjs.com.

Each project detailed here represents a part of my ongoing journey in software development, contributing to a portfolio I’m proud to share. Moreover, for a complete list of my work, spanning both professional achievements and personal passions, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn.

My Ongoing Hobby Projects

I work on my own projects because I have too many ideas that need to be expressed, and I also like to use an opportunity to improve my knowledge. What better way to learn than by doing, right?


I created a recipe bookmarking app using Expo React Native and Firebase Auth. Published it on apple store, play store and web. Created a Backend with nestjs and typeorm. Also implemented a chrome extension in React/typescript.


Croatian directory of beauty salons. My portfolio project is a hybrid website that combines the power of Next.js and WordPress to create a directory of beauty salons. I host the website on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and utilizes Rust Lambdas for serverless computing. This allows for high performance and scalability, making it easy to manage a large database of salons and search through them with ease. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the website provides a seamless experience for users looking to discover new beauty salons and services. I’m excited to showcase this project as an example of how hybrid technology stacks can be leveraged to create powerful and dynamic websites.


Simple chrome extension that shows outline of the page: headings, number of words, time to read.

Developed in React/Typescript. This was my first introduction to developing Chrome extensions.

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