I wanted to try creating a desktop app with Rust, and found out there’s Tauri and Yew. Both look cool!

  • Tauri is used for building desktop apps (if you don’t know tauri, you might have heard of electron).
  • Yew is used for building native client webapps using rust. Reminds me of React.

Since there was no official documentation on how to configure a Tauri/Yew project, I wanted to post instructions for Linux users. I did run into some specific problems like:

  • missing system packages
  • packages installed with errors etc.

My distro is Ubuntu 22.04.

You might not run into any issues, so just following the quickstart should be fine.

I did run into issues on my laptop, and no issues when I tried the same procedure on my desktop computer. Same distro versions, but maybe “some system update broke” on my laptop.


Install rust, or if you already have Rust installed:

rustup update stable
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

Target wasm32-unknown-unknown is needed when building tauri apps, and quoting:

A “bare wasm” target representing a WebAssembly output that makes zero assumptions about its environment.


unknown-unknown might be compile on any, run on any machine.

Some system packages are also needed, a little bit later on that…

Rust version I was working with was 1.65.

Getting Started

There are some instructions on Quick Start | Tauri Apps, and they go like this:

cargo install create-tauri-app
cargo create-tauri-app

Then you’ll pick yew, and create-tauri-app will generate all source code.


Next edit src-tauri/Cargo.toml, set rustc version to 1.65 or whatever version rustc --version shows. Bump all dependencies, and then install:

cargo install tauri-cli trunk
cargo update
cargo tauri dev

When first running cargo tauri dev, I got an error like:

could not find system library 'cairo'
could not find system library ‘cairo’

Error led me to this github issue. And yes, libgtk-3-dev was installed with errors!

libgtk-3-dev 22.04 “The following packages have unmet dependencies”

libgtk-3-dev the following packages have unmet dependencies

As the error says: you have installed listed dependencies, but you’ll have to downgrade them!

sudo apt install libpcre2-8-0=10.39-3ubuntu0.1 -y
sudo apt install libpcre2-16-0=10.39-3ubuntu0.1 -y
sudo apt install libpcre2-32-0=10.39-3ubuntu0.1 -y
sudo apt install libpcre3=2:8.39-13ubuntu0.22.04.1 -y

And finally sudo apt install --reinstall libgtk-3-dev

Another try at cargo tauri dev

Nope! Another error in terminal! And onto installing another set of packages…

sudo apt install -y libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-dev libxml2=2.9.13+dfsg-1ubuntu0.2 libsoup2.4-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev --allow-downgrades


And, finally hit one more time cargo tauri dev, I promise it will work!

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