I’m awkward to say I spent a few hours to get gh pages going locally on my computer. Github pages are ran with Jekyll. Jekyll is a Ruby based static site runner. I never worked with Ruby, so…

There is an official instruction here and you might not need my instructions. My problem is I tend to not read manuals carefully. Here’s what I read and I’ll highlight what I missed.

  1. Install Ruby. For more information, see “Installing Ruby” in the Ruby documentation.
  2. Install Bundler. For more information, see “Bundler.”
  3. Add a Gemfile. My Gemfile looks like this:
source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'nokogiri'
gem 'rack', '~> 2.0.1'
gem 'rspec'

gem "github-pages", "~> 221", group: :jekyll_plugins

Last line is import

Last line is important.

4. Run “`bundle install“`

5. Create at least _config.yml and index.md in root of your gh-pages branch.


theme: jekyll-theme-cayman
markdown: kramdown
autolink: true


title: My title
description: My description....
# Continue with Github markdown

6. Run

bundle exec jekyll serve

This basic example should now serve a Jekyll cayman theme page. A fuller example running on my library github page https://github.com/eisberg-labs/ngx-barcode-scanner/tree/gh-pages

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